A natural approach to healthy skin


Do you suffer from a skin condition?

Acne, eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis can be very distressing conditions.


The good news is that these conditions can be supported via the foods you eat & some lifestyle adjustments!

"Glowing" is the program to teach you how!


This program will educate you on the skin and it's functions.

You will learn the many underlying conditions that may be contributing to your current skin condition and our Nutritional Medicine Practitioner will explain how we can address these issues.

You will learn how the foods you eat can either be your medicine, or exacerbate your current condition.

You will learn what nutrients assist skin health, the foods that contain these nutrients and recipes to get you started.

We will discuss DIY topical creams, lifestyle factors and other natural therapies that can assist. We aim to have you leaving this program feeling empowered with the knowledge to be able to manage your skin condition naturally.


What's included in this program?


-Entry to our "Glowing" Seminar


-One-on-one consultation with our  qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner for an individualized treatment plan.


-Instant access to our exclusive app


-Exclusive discounts from our partnered businesses around Townsville to ensure you get the results that you deserve!

-Access to our medical-grade healing foundation