My Birth Story


" Our tiny Logan James Hebbard arrived early Saturday morning 11/11/2017 (12:24am)

He was born right on his due date! (40 weeks)

Thanks to our #hypnobirthing course my partner and I were mentally prepared and excited for the birth of of our baby.

With my hypnobirthing tracks playing in the background, I had a quick but very calm and empowering 4hr labour where I birthed him unrushed and drug-free in the birth pool at home, exactly how I had imagined it 💗

My partner was so prepared, supportive and kept me so relaxed, using all the tools from our hypnobirthing and reminding me to release, let go and that my body knew how to birth my baby.

I had amazing midwives from 'Darwin Homebirthing group' who let the birth happen naturally and didn't unnecessarily interfere.
They were so amazed how calm and peaceful I looked. No screaming, no yelling. Just zoning out to my music and visualizing my baby moving down with each surge.

No one knew how close I was until our son peacefully popped out!

We woke my daughter up after he was born and she walked into the room to find mummy holding her baby brother in the birthing pool. (She squeeled the house down in happiness)

We had bonding time as a family, then I birthed the placenta (in the comfort of our bedroom)
We did delayed cord clamping, then daddy cut the cord. We froze the placenta to plant later on.

I had no tearing as i let my body move my baby out on its own.

He attached to the boob like a pro, had a big feed then slept for 6hrs! 

He is really tiny but long. He weighs 3.4kg !

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Hypnobirthing Australia's course and I can not encourage home birth and waterbirth enough!" 

-Kristy Hebbard