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Healthy Roll-ups with a hidden motive ;)

These healthy roll-ups taste so good that you wouldn't believe they contain no added sugar! They are made from real fruit, making them heal

thy and nutrient-dense. (Meaning they provide substantial amounts of vitamins and minerals with little calories) So what is the hidden motive behind making these particular roll-ups? To assist my daughter with her CONSTIPATION/ BOWEL MOVEMENTS!

These roll-ups are mango and pear.

So apart from the obvious fibre, what makes it so great for constipation? The high amount of natural sorbitol found in the pear! (Sorbitol is sometimes prescribed for constipation as it draws water into your intestines, which softens the stools) If you have read this far, I'm guessing you are eager to know the recipe and instructions on making these, so here it is: Blend fresh fruit into a smooth puree and pour a thin layer on your dehydrator tray (if you do not have a sealed tray then you can lay baking paper on the tray) Dehydrate for 5-6 hours or when roll-up cleanly peels of the tray (you could add a bit of honey if you wanted to. These can also be done in the oven, although I have not personally attempted them in the oven) That is it! Easy isn't it?



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