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Minerals For Good Health

If you know me personally or are a past client, you may have heard me harp on about Mineral Therapy and how effective, yet safe these biochemical salts prescribed in homeopathic form are.

Mineral therapy has been used in the treatment of disease since ancient times and the mineral salt compounds pioneered by Maurice Blackmore in the 1930s are still used by thousands of healthcare professionals across Australia and the UK (such as myself!).

Mineral Therapy has been found to be the 'missing link' in the treatment of disease and in many cases, compliments other treatment methods.

Maurice Blackmores studies proved that mineral salts are essential for health and if unbalanced, our cells can not function or repair themselves properly which can then lead to disease.

Mineral therapy formulas are based on naturopathic philosophy which means that they are in the form which is found in the human body and nature.

It is an extremely low cost remedy which is so important in this day and age, due to the amount of deficiencies/ imbalances in people rising.

You only need to look at the negative impact that chemical fertilisers and pesticides are having on our mineral content in soil to understand one reason for this rise! (After all, It is the soil in which we grow our plants, that we and other animals eat!)

There are many conditions that Mineral Therapy can assist such as;


-Psoriasis/ Skin conditions/ Acne

-Dental problems









-Lack of Concentration




-Paediatric Care

The list can go on and on but the above list is what I have personally prescribed my minerals for.

What really got me AMAZED by Mineral Therapy was my own personal experience.

Back when I was prepping for an exam I was feeling REALLY stressed and anxious and I remember reading in my texts about a combination, which I happened to have on my shelf. So I chewed 2, not really knowing what to expect and within 20 minutes I could not believe the difference I felt. (This is the moment I begin to harp on about the power of Mineral Therapy and all my close friends got a phone call after my exam to tell them about my $15 discovery haha)

In conclusion, if you are looking for an affordable naturopathic approach to assist in bringing your body back into balance by addressing mineral requirements, you can not go past Mineral Therapy!


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