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The Mummy Filter

Today marks the first day of "World Breastfeeding Week 2018" a week to encourage and support breastfeeding.

We know that breast milk contains a huge amount of both probiotic and prebiotic substances.

People are now becoming very aware about the importance of good gut health and breast feeding is the ultimate gut restorer to produce a healthy gut ecosystem in your bubba!

Breast feeding can assist in restoring healthy microbiome that may have been lost due to antibiotic use, caesarean birth or preterm births. (Gregory 2016; Azad 2015)

I am often asked by breastfeeding mamas as to whether they should give probiotic drinks or over the counter supplements direct to their bub, or do they take it them themselves and hope it passes through to bubba?

My answer is this: Use your “mummy filter.”

Take it yourself and your amazing body will filter and nourish your bubba.

Infants are very vulnerable to gut inflammation, allergies & infections due to their immune systems still being immature.

Infants also have a lower amount of stomach acid, so by using your “mummy filter” it avoids exposing your precious baby to possible pathogens. (Drago 2010; Patro 2016) You can't always be sure what kind of bacteria’s have built up in fermented foods /drinks! This is why I advise caution to breastfeeding mothers who drink /eat home-made probiotic drinks/foods for this very reason.

As for using over the counter supplements, using the “mummy filter” avoids giving your baby unknown excipients which are in almost all over the counter products. (In Australia, many excipients do not need to be labelled on our products!)

The female body is AMAZING. Look after and trust in it!

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