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I'm not too sure on that hippy hypnosis stuff.

My Husband and I (Pictured below) decided to participate in the Hypnobirthing Australia program when we were pregnant with our second child in 2017.

It was my second child, but my Husbands first biological, so he was turning to me for guidance which I surprisingly felt I couldn’t give, as it had been 9 years since my first baby! So much had changed and there was a lot I couldn’t remember from my first pregnancy.

I felt like a first time mum all over again!

It didn’t take long for our midwife to realise that we were “those parents”. You know, those over-the-top protective wrap me up in bubble-wrap kind of parents. It was evident that we were scared.

It was my midwife who handed me the Hypnobirthg Australia brochure. We were not exactly sure what the HYPNO part of the childbirth education meant, but the brochure stated that the program would provide us with the education and tools for a positive birth, so we didn’t hesitate in enrolling.

So, our first class.

Firstly, I feel as though I should mention that I am a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and fitness professional, so I already had a great understanding on the human body, yet the content in this program BLEW ME AWAY.

First session was jam packed with information. We covered all areas on how to create and maintain a positive mindset. We covered the anatomy and physiological changes experienced during pregnancy and so much more.

But what really intrigued the scientific evident-based person that I am, was learning about our brain-body connection and how our brains are literally wired to birth. I was fascinated in learning how the neocortex of the brain, which controls the most complex mental activities, can in fact inhibit our natural instincts, so should therefore be switched off when giving birth. It was all backed by studies and made complete scientific sense!

Everything in class was fantastic. I live life always searching for the positives as I understand the impact it can have.. This program was for me!

But then we come to the hypnosis part and I FELT so SILLY.

I remember I kept peeking at everyone during the hypnosis track and wondering if I was the only person in the room who couldn’t feel the numbness and tingling that was being described.

Was I the only one in the room that could still hear the birds chirping very loudly outside? Am I the only one in the room who wasn’t under her “power” and KNOWS that I CAN move my legs if I wanted to?

Hearing the word “Hypnotized” instantly made me think about eyes rolling to the back of the head and not being in control.

I am a go-getter. A very busy person who’s mind is always busy, right up until I close my eyes to sleep at night. I am extremely motivated and must always be in control.

Leaving our first class, my Husband and I had a little giggle together about our first attempt of hypnosis.

My words were

“The course content is absolutely amazing. But I’m not too sure on that hippy hypnosis stuff”

Still, we done the homework that was set for us. We downloaded our hypnosis tracks and we started making time to listen to our tracks.

I know this will sound strange, but it's like we had to teach ourselves how to relax!

So much valuable information was covered in the next few classes. We were educated on maternity choices, birth preferences, common interventions, addressing special circumstances and other valuable information so that we could make informed decisions about how we welcomed our baby earth side.

We were taught techniques such as Breathing, relaxation, massage to release endorphins, acupressure points, visualisations, affirmations and self-hypnosis techniques

I soon learnt that the power of self-hypnosis wasn't with the hypnotist but within myself and that there are different levels of hypnosis, with the first level actually being heightened senses. I HAD THIS FROM DAY ONE! I Remember I couldn't block out how loud the birds were and noticing how strong the tea nearby was. I COULD ENTER HYPNOSIS!

Knowing this built my confidence and every time we practised our tracks I was able to relax more and fall deeper and deeper and on the very last class; I FELT THE TINGLING described in the track!


By the time we finished the program, my Husband and I felt so empowered with knowledge. We were no longer scared as we understood that birth was a normal process and that my body was designed to give birth. In fact, we felt so confident and prepared that we changed our birthing preference to be at home.

On the 11/11/2017, our 3.4kg healthy baby boy was calmly born in his own bedroom, without any interventions.

Thank goodness for “that hippy hypnosis stuff”

After the birth of my baby, I decided to become a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner so that I can teach others how to have an amazing birth experience as I did.

You can find my classes HERE

-Kristy L Hebbard

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