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Nutrition & Surgery

I was sitting back with an ice pack on my sore head drinking my cup of vitamin C (I had surgery on Saturday) & I thought; hey, I need to write a blog about the importance of good nutrition for surgery.

So here it is.

Proper nutrition is important to not only prepare the body for surgery, but to assist with recovery, yet little preparation is given to people regarding surgery and proper nutrition.

Did you know that 65% of people admitted to hospital are malnourished? Or that others get nutrient depleted during their stay in hospital?

This is why I believe a pre & post-operative nutrition plan is crucial.

Pre-operative nutrition is about preparing the body for the surgery.

It is a time to boost nutrients that will assist with healing.

Pre-operative nutrition can also assist with any stress or anxiety that a person may be experiencing about their upcoming surgery.

It is important to know that there are some foods and supplements which should be avoided pre-op due to having a blood- thinning effect. (Such as cayenne, turmeric, vitamin E, fish oil, garlic, ginger etc)

Post-operative nutrition is nutrition after surgery, during the recovery period.

Recovering from surgery is one of the most nutritionally demanding periods in an adults life. Again, we need to boost nutrients that assist with tissue healing, boosts immunity, prevents infection, assists with digestion and reduces the risk of complications.

A proper nutrition plan can reduce the length of stay in hospital and speed up healing.

A qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner (such as myself) can prescribe specific nutrients at a therapeutic dosage to support healing.

The nutrients prescribed will depend on what procedure is done, but here's a quick glance at a few key nutrients to assist: post-operative:

Clinical dose Vitamin C -to promote tissue healing

Clinical dose Zinc to assist wound healing

High quality Omega 3 to reduce tissue inflammation

Practitioner- grade Vitamin E to assist tissue healing, assist with scarring and reduce inflammation

Vitamin A to assist skin and digestive healing

High quality probiotic for immune function and digestive health.

Other nutrients I would recommend would be nutrients to support the liver/ detoxification due to medications given in hospital.

But the most important nutrient the body needs both pre and post-operative is protein. Without sufficient protein intake and absorption, tissue healing and immunity is compromised

Have you got a surgery or procedure approaching?

Contact me for a pre/post- operative nutrition plan.

Kristy L Hebbard

Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

Hypnobirthing Australia Childbirth Educator

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