Sprint Runner

Sports Nutrition Program

Whether your a weekend warrior, an elite athlete or something in between, the Fit by natures sports nutrition program will increase your fitness and performance.

Learn how to support your body to increase endurance, increase strength, yet avoid injury and accelerated aging.

This program covers every aspect of nutritional requirements for exercise, including special need requirements for vegetarians and vegans to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

This Program includes:

-One-on-one individualised initial consultation with our qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner.

-Group workshops to educate you on a range of nutritional topics as well as well as some clinical conditions commonly seen in athletes such as amenorrhoea and assistance in how to overcome these conditions.

-Access to high-quality practitioner- brand supplementation compounded in clinic for your specific individual needs

-Access group fitness classes exclusively for our sports nutrition participants.

-Follow-up consultation

-All resources to take home